After responding to a number of customer who have first been lured by the offer of a free bat inspections from other companies in our service area it is quite apparent that FREE isn't the case. We are seeing bids that are on average 40 to 70% higher than our typical bid on the same structure. Many of these bids seem to be presented with the hope that the homeowners insurance will cover the cost. One gentleman was so blatant as to write two bids. one for insurance company and one "just in case the insurance company won't approve the bid."
Now I am not a legal scholar but it seems that a bid for the insurance company that is $1500.00 higher than the bid given to the homeowner for the same job would be considered insurance fraud.

Some of the other red flags we have seen with these so called free bat inspections.

Bids that cover only one area of the home.
No clue of the black out period. The black out period is the time when young bats are unable to fly and escape valves cannot be installed.
Request for cash payments or checks made out to a personal account.
Scare tactics. Especially when young children are in the home or the home owner is elderly.
No liability or workers comp insurance.
They Have a "full time job" so they can only work on weekends or late in the day.
Do to lax laws and training in both Ohio and Kentucky many of these operators would be fine to catch a raccoon from a barn out on a farm but have no clue how to effectively exclude wildlife from a home or commercial building.

Advantage Wildlife Removal is a full service wildlife removal company located in the Cincinnati Ohio area. Our specialty is ending your wildlife issue through in depth inspection, removal of offending wildlife followed by professional repairs and exclusion with full warranties.
Like many other things in life if it seems too good to be true it probably is. And wildlife removal is no different. When you are experiencing bats or other wildlife in your home don't be fooled. Hire a professional.

Some tips for picking a professional for your bat or other wildlife removal needs.

Do they answer their phones live or is it always a machine?
Are they willing and able to answer your questions regarding wildlife over the phone without a fee or making you feel as if you are wasting their time?
Do they schedule an appointment that best fits your needs and schedule?
Are they Insured? Will they provide proof of insurance at your request?
Do they show up on time? Are they in uniform and neat and clean in appearance? Are their vehicles marked?
Are they members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association-NWCOA-?

If the answer to any of these questions is no in the Cincinnati Ohio/Northern Kentucky area you may want to continue your search for a professional in the wildlife control field.

If you are having a bat or other wildlife issue give the professionals at Advantage Wildlife Removal a call. We would be happy to be at your service and answer any of your wildlife questions. We offer 24 hour emergency service and are able to schedule an appointment 7 days a week to best suite your needs. Fully insured and licensed in both Ohio and Kentucky, members of the BBB and recipient of the super service award from Angie's list in the wildlife removal category. Members in good standing with NWCOA and have a NWCOA Certified Wildlife Control Professional on staff. We can be reached at 513-553-1888 or 859=431-8881 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can also be reached via the web at and can be found online at