Residents of Erlanger and Elsmere Kentucky 41018 are experiencing a surprisingly high amount of raccoon entry into attics and chimneys. Raccoons use our homes as they would a hollow tree living in the void areas we do not occupy. Attics, chimneys and crawl spaces are all areas commonly used by raccoons and other wildlife as a harborage to live year around and give birth to their young.

If you suspect raccoons or other wildlife here are some tips to keep from turning a common situation into a nightmare scenario.

1) DO NOT repair entry point (hole in roof, un-capped chimney etc.) until wildlife has been removed. Repairing these areas before removing wildlife can result in animals becoming trapped inside your home.

2) DO NOT use poison. There are no products labeled for use to "poison" raccoons. If they are poisoned there is no guarantee these animals will seek water as the old wives tale suggests. A dead raccoon in your attic or chimney can cause more issues than a live raccoon such as access for removal.

3) DO NOT build a fire in your fireplace to drive raccoons from your chimney. Advantage Wildlife Removal technicians have removed a number of raccoons from inside homes this year as raccoons came out through damper into home to escape smoke instead of going up chimney.

4) DO NOT assume that just catching a raccoon will end problem. The raccoon in your attic and/or chimney must be specifically targeted for removal. their entry point must be monitored to assure there a no longer raccoons using entry point and as this is raccoon birthing season raccoon must be checked to determine if it is a lactating female and if so immobile juvenile raccoons must be hand removed.

DO contact a professional to help you decide the best course of action. Advantage Wildlife Removal personnel are available 24/7 at 859-431-8881 to answer your questions or help you with your wildlife situation.

DO make sure any you hire to help end a wildlife entry situation on your home are insured, have certified training and are members of NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association)