Bats are invading attics of homes in Cincinnati Ohio and Northern Kentucky. While bats are an extremely beneficial species having them colonize your home's attic poses some issues such as accumulation of droppings, odors, bat bugs and noise. There are also health risks associated with bats.

Exclusion of bats from your home is key to ending a bat issue. There are no repellents or poisons that are effective or legal for bat removal. Ending a bat situation requires repair of secondary points of bat entry in conjunction with one way escape valves over main points of entry allowing bats to exit home but not re-enter.

Areas having high numbers of bat entry would include Delhi, Anderson Township, Blue Ash, Loveland, Cleves and Addison in Ohio as well as Ft.Thomas, Erlanger, Villa Hills, Edgewood, Florence and Covington Kentucky.

Advantage Wildlife Removal is your source for professional bat removal in the Cincinnati Ohio and Northern Kentucky Area.

If you are experiencing a bat or other wildlife issue give the wildlife pros at Advantage Wildlife Removal a call and our staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule an appointment for a comprehensive inspection of your home offering solutions to prevent wildlife entry.
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