The Bats are coming! Literally...spring has sprung here in southwest Ohio and the bats that over wintered here will be coming out of hibernation soon, and any bats that migrated to hibernate will be returning soon as well. As the bats start to wake up from hibernation, many times they are groggy, and while in this stupor may become disoriented in the infrastructure of the home. As they search for an escape they will unfortunately often times find their way into the living quarters of the home. I f you find a bat inside of your home, do not panic, but do not attempt to handle it yourself either. Bats can carry rabies and exposure to a bat bite is a recipe for disaster. Instead of attempting to handle the bat in your house alone, contact a professional. Be sure to isolate the bat as best you can by closing doors etc.. so the bat has limited areas to hide, searching for a bat through an entire house can be a daunting task even for a trained professional. By isolating the bat into a single room, the odds of it being successfully removed increase drastically. If a bat has found its way into your home there is a very good chance that there may be other bats living within the infrastructure of your home. A trained professional will be able to inspect your home and provide an exclusion service to get bats out of your home. If your in need of bat removal in greater Dayton Ohio, or the Miami valley cal us today (937)750-8727. Advanced Wildlife is Dayton's hometown bat removal professionals.